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A Few Words About Me

Some of the words that people use to describe me are "bubbly, energetic, high-energy, passionate, assertive, diligent, and fiesty."  I am yet to decide if some of those adjectives are compliments.  :)  

Raised on a farm in Kentucky, I am a an outdoor girl who somehow manages to work indoors when I have to.  My husband of 30 years and I live within six miles of both of our parents and our church.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

I love to travel and am constantly planning my next getaway.  A perfect week for me would be spent on any cruise ship going anywhere.  While I devoted my career to teenagers with my day job, I thoroughly love teaching my K-2nd graders on Wednesday nights at my church.  I also wear the hat of Bible Bowl Coach and I avidly look forward to VBS week each year.  When and if I ever land long enough to sit, I love scrapbooking all of the pictures I am constantly taking at ballgames, conferences, and vacations.

My children are my world and bring me an abundance of smiles daily.  My son is a 4-wheel riding, baseball playing, bundle of energy who is pursing his Electrician's license and my daughter is a strong, beautiful woman who is an amazing elementary school teacher.


(270) 293-3001

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Instagram:  jennifer_stubb

LinkedIn: Jennifer Stubblefield

My Random Top 10

1.  Give me a paperback, not an e-reader.

2.  I drive an SUV but really miss my mini-van.

3.  Lazy people really and truly make me mad.

4.  Alabama, Phil Collins, and Lionel Richie...all day long.

5.  Kauai is the most beautiful place I have seen.

6.  Send handwritten notes, not emails, to family.

7.  Peter is my favorite Biblical character...bold & brave.

8.  Surround yourself with smart worker bees.

9.  Diet SunDrop can completely change your day.

10. Go hard, finish, and work to make your Daddy proud.

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