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A proud KY teacher in the public school system for 27 years, I have a passion for Business Education and the impact it can make on the lives of teenagers.  As I leave my classroom and embark deeper into the world of training and conference presentations, I will miss my teenagers but am excited to change lanes and work with teachers, business professionals, and adult learners in various industries.


Professionally, I am an advocate for the importance of teaching business productivity skills, essential soft skills that are non-negotiable, and both internal and external customer service skills.  I have seen over and over the doors that these basic yet critical skills have opened for my students.  Additionally, I am a firm believer in providing every opportunity for students to earn various credentials and certifications while in high school that will make them unique, coveted, and more employable.

I truly enjoy speaking at conferences across the United States in the areas of Business Education, Technology, Teacher Motivation, and General Teaching 101 Strategies.  For the past few years, I have been doing corporate training and consulting in the areas of technology, specifically in the area of Microsoft Office.  Of late, I have found my work with adults in the areas of Communication and Soft Skills to be ultra rewarding; it is very exciting to work with adults who are instantly ready to implement their new skills!  

Lastly, on a personal interest level, I am an avid traveler.  I love to GO and SEE and DO!  As an FBLA Advisor in KY, I have had the fun pleasure of taking students all over the United States.  There is nothing like the education a student experiences while traveling.  


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